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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Lazz, May 29, 2008.

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    my chain is not seating in the small sprocket on the motor jaming the chain. What can I do to fix this:confused:

  2. Might have to grind the tips off. Same quality as the rest of the parts....My instructions state this, and you can find posts on what to do if you search...
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    What brand of kit
    ThatsDax sells a .81 small 10 tooth sprocket.
    This sprocket will work on wall-e-world 1 to 3 speed BMX chain. You will need two BMX chains.
    This is a total replacement of a cheap small sprocket and a cheap chain.

    I bought a Kings motors kit and fought the chain until I repkaced everything.

    You need to contour the old sprocket to match your chain if you just want to fix the Chinese junk that came with your kit.
    I tried this and did not like the fuss and bother.
    You will spend as much on a dremel or files as replacing the chain. LOL
  4. I agree with spad the kit chain is junk. I replaced my chain with #41 chain. Much better, stronger, cheaper. $15. for 10 feet at Tractor Supply Co. I dont know where you are since its not listed but possibly a small engine shop would have it to....