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    I was told that the middle (of three) chain ring is bent or slightly out of true. It appears to have a slight wobble to it when turned. Is this possible? My problem tho is with shifting up from the middle chain ring to the larger chain ring... it will not shift at all at times. The derailleur does not appear to be bent or mis-aligned. The cable is about 5 years old. Is this the source of my trouble?

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    the question you seems not to be a general question ,but one dealing with your situation. Chainrings are built strait(flat) but the newer ones (mainly Shimano)are set up with "ramps" that help guide the chain to the next chainring. They also seem to help the chain catch the other ring. One of the problems with particular design is that the teeth seem to be slightly rounded to begin with and although that makes it easier to shift from one cog to the next they invariably wear out twice as fast.

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    chainring 2

    first thing I would do is to replace that cable. It will make life a lot easier.