Chain rubbing against my rear tire.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Eddiesilverbullet, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Eddiesilverbullet

    Eddiesilverbullet New Member

    Hey guys i have an issue with my chain rubbing into my rear tire. It's getting to the point where its chafing pretty bad. Any advice.

  2. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    folks have put spacer washers to move the position of the rear sprocket for rear tube and tire clearance
  3. aquielisunari

    aquielisunari Member

    They've also went with thinner tires that are still within manufacturer's specs. Some rims can accept a 26x2.125 tire but can also accept tires as thin as 26x1.95. What does your rear sprocket look like? Some look like a dinner plate. the "bottom" of the plate should be against the hub. Like this [​IMG]

    BTW, that sprocket is designed for a sprocket adapter which reduced wear and tear on your spokes. The rag joint should be tossed in favor of one of these types of sprockets.
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  4. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    rule of thumb is to put the sprocket dish out for fat tires, in for skinny tires - make sure axle is aligned properly
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  5. 45u

    45u Active Member

    I am running 2.125 tire and have 1/8 inch clearance between my chain and tire.
  6. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    with tension on the chain, 1/8 is tight but should prevent tire from being chewed on (maybe need a wash now & then to get grease marks off) - 1/4 inch is better and don't forget to check that tire is same clearance all the way around
  7. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    I run 1.75" tires on the rear and it works very well.
  8. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Never EVER try to bend your kit #415 chain around a fatter tire with a tensioner!
    415 chain needs to be on a dead straight chain path from sprocket to sprocket, get a tire small enough to let it pass the tire or move soething.
    Got pics of you bike?
    That really helps those of us trying to help.
  9. 45u

    45u Active Member

    1/8 if set up properly is fine. I have been riding mine at that clearance for well over a gallon and the tire on the side with the chain still looks new. I have worked on MANY a motorcycle that has that little and the belt or chain never hurt the tire so I would think on a motor bike is fine work great for me. My motorcycle with side car with 116,000 plus miles and it only has 1/8 between the tire and belt and never had a problem! Been working on and machine work on motorcycles for over 45 years as a living. The Sky Hawk frame say you can run up to 2.35 On my second build I will be running the Sky Hawk frame with 2.35 tires. I do not want to get to big as to big is just wasted HP to the ground.
  10. 45u

    45u Active Member

    I agree! Did he ever say what size tire he is running? Pictures are always a good way for a person to try and help. Does not matter the size of chain if mot set up properly it will wear out the chain QUICK.