chain rubbing me the wrong way


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Jul 4, 2008
Chain rub on tire and frame. Just can't get it to miss both. Any ideas?


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Hmmmm.....Some people experiencing tire rub with knobby tires simply let the chain cut the knobs away....your tires appear to be smooth so maybe switching to a narrower tire may help?....Another alternative would be to adjust the cones such that the wheel and tire are shifted to the right....Redishing the wheel could also be done....switching to a smaller rear sprocket may also help prevent the rear stay from being rubbed by the chain....

Try one or more of the above and you should be able to take care of the problem.

Hope this helps you.

andy, it seems a possibile fix could be getting a smaller sprocket from you? would you be willing to hgelp me?
HI Cordogg,

Be happy to help answer any questions regarding the sprockets or other issues....You can PM me too if you'd like....

Hope this helps you.