Chain "Rubs" Motor Mount



I have this same issue as well with the front mount rubbing the inside of the chain.
How did this get resolved on your on your build? I cant quite follow the thread
other than it seems to have been resolved. Thanks john
Re-adjust the mounting of the motor. If you adjust the mount north or south it will adjust where that bolt lays in relationship to it's path. You can also adjust the motor a little more to the left (as you sit on it)... all you need is like 1/16" ... so a little adjustment of the FRONT of the engine to the left can help.
Thanks that is what I thought happened. I am using the stock mounts that came with the Zeda 80 kit
I can't really move much without raising the engine on the front end.
I cant go to the left either because I am also rubbing the Outside rivets of the chain on the left
chain stay. Sad thing is that the chain line looks straight so I have few easy options that I can see.
I don't think this road bike frame was a good idea in hindsight.
Thanks for the help. John
You can separate your chainstay (if you have a STEEL frame) by adding a couple/few washers to the left... I had to do that with my first project (Kent Sea Change frame).
Yeah it is steel. It just needs a pinch if I don't move the engine. But if I spread the rear out then I am probably looking at a new wheel??
This is a narrow 1980s vintage rear spacing --like 127mm. This is starting to get beyond my ability and attention span. lol