Chain size on 2 66cc two cycle?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by maverick3855, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. maverick3855

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    When ordering extra master links for the 49 and 80cc 2 cycle motors what chain number or size do you ask for? number 35? or ?
    I'm not sure what to ask for size wise when ordering online.

  2. bamabikeguy

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    .041 and .0415 (41's) are the only chain sizes I hear mentioned on kits, an expert will pop in here in a moment to set that straight.

    But, these are little 50 cent items, available at a variety of mom and pop operations, perfect for picking up and getting "local notice" about your hobby. Ag supplies, hardware stores, five and dimes, bike shops.

    That small stuff is perfect conversation starters, and a perfect place to get the right chain sized, without buying a chain breaker or doing any grinding.

    The more locals you can get talking about your hobby, the more the the auto driving public becomes aware of your presence on the road.

    In other words, that 50 cents gains you a bit of benefit and plenty of advise if a problem pops up.
  3. Pablo

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    415 is stock HT kit chain size. Most pop and mom stores won't have 415 master or half links.
  4. Lonewolf

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    415 chain with my kit was ****. Stretched like a rubber band. West to TSC and bought 41. Is a little wider but gives more tolerance in case motor and sprocket are not exactly in line.
  5. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Size #41 is, from what I've read, the ultimate solution.

    And what you say about "tolerance" is how I'd look at "half-links", with washers and bolts, it seems that gap could be always filled, plus or minus, by a full master link.

    Basic engineering.

    If you began with half links, that would be the thing that makes road repair difficult, finding dropped or flying pieces in the tall grass.

    I bought 4 master links at 4 different stores, (auto parts, TractorSupply, bikeshop and hardware store) just to keep the sales folks happy, and to get other advise.

    I ask 10 minutes of questions for a 50 cent purchase.
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  6. maverick3855

    maverick3855 New Member

    Thanks for the answers!
    I'll go with the #41 chain.
    Thanks again