Chain size?

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    I purchased a kit second hand from a person, he did not include a master link.
    So I purchased a 410 masterlink. When I try to use it the retainer clip won't fit on.
    The chain has rollers on the links....

    How do I figure out what size chain I have? There are not any markings on the existing chain links.

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    Tnx for posting that link, Goat.
    I'm also confused.

    I just read where someone declared if you were to go to 8mm chain, which scooters use??? there are a gazillion different sprockets available for cheep.

    Do you have any opinion on that?

    From the Azusa chart, it looks to me like 420 chain might be the way to go... is that proper thinking?
    I didn't check any prices yet.

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    Not being a scooter guy - I couldn't comment on it.

    Though, being a human I can assume - I'd guess it's 420 or 425. Maybe 428, but being under 150cc, it's prolly not 428.

    But, to the original poster - it's prolly #415 chain.
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    Okay, so I see several sites that have 410 and 415 chain....if I have 410 master links why not get 410 chain...whats the diff between 410 & 415 chain?
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    Look at the Distance Between Plates.

    410 is your standard bicycle chain, at 1/8" between the plates. You could restate distance between plates that to be roller length.

    415 is 3/16" between the plates, and it allows for more play from left to right, and can solve many chain skipping and alignment issues.

    Though, a lot of guys love the **** out of #41 - it's got the largest distance between the plates at 1/4" and it's got the highest tensile strength.