Chain skips on front gears

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Miriax, May 11, 2011.

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    My chain skips on the front three gears every minute or two while I'm riding. It's really annoying because I stand on my pedals and when it skips I nearly lose my balance from the sudden start. It doesn't matter what gear it's in, it happens whether I'm on 1/8 or 3/1 or anywhere between.
    When I say that the chain slips, I mean that it catches on the gears in such a way as to slam back into place in mid-rotation further along the circumference of the gear. It only happens when I'm pedaling, though I guess that's obvious. I haven't been able to see what exactly is happening because every time it happens I'm pedaling and watching the road, not looking between my feet.
    More info on the bike:
    It's a Trek 4500 mountain bike, 24 speeds, freshly replaced brake and derailer lines, new chain, been tuning it myself. Did I adjust something wrong?
    Also the rear rim is slightly bent, but not enough to cause problems. Unless, of course, this problem is caused by the slightly out-of-true rear rim.
    So can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? Is my chain too long, are the derailers adjusted wrong, is the wheel being slightly off true making it happen... Something?
    Thanks for all the help!