chain specs



while testing my engine for the first time, the connecting link in the chain lost its clip (i think on my tensioner). this led to it losing the loose plate held on by the clip, and then being bent to smithereens by the engine sprocket. so i need a new connecting link.

i am fully aware of the drive train section, and it has an excellent link to a chain site comeplete with all the specs. if i wanted to, i can use that site and a ruler to figure out the chain....

but im lazy! so i wanted to know if anyone knows the specs of the chains that ship with the kits. this may be an obtuse question; there are lots of different kits, for all i know they are all different sizes. but if they are known to be the same, and anyone knows the answer id appreciate, and im sure itll get linked into the drive train section.
truth be told, the definitive dimensions aren't here, believe it, i looked (and looked) :???:

so, who's gonna break out the calipers? i don't have any...