Chain Stabilisation

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  1. Fabian

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    Some people say: why do you need the chain loop and the idler wheels for the return chain side of the final drive system.

    This video perfectly explains it, though the issue of chain bounce is far, far worse (than shown in the video) when a motorised bicycle is travelling over rough terrain; with the higher chain speed that is part and parcel of motorisation.
    Prior to fitting all of the chain stabilisation devices on my bike, i couldn't travel 5 meters on rough (pot holed) roads without suffering from chain suck.

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  2. Vapourtrail

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    this is what I use to keep chain under control


    a chain sausage the chain runs through garden hose
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  3. Fabian

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    That's a smart solution that eliminates mechanical complexity and quite possibly works as well as the flanged idler wheel method and chain loop system employed on my bike.
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