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    This is why chain suck becomes a huge problem when using a motorised bicycle in an off-road situation; considering the increased chain speed seems to cause even greater levels of chain motion, and consequently, untold amounts of drive train damage occur when the rear derailleur gets ripped out, from either the frame or derailleur hanger as it gets chewed up when entering the spinning spokes of the rear wheel, which isn't healthy for rear wheel.

    In one instance of mine, chain suck caused the chain to not only rip out the rear derailleur, but the front derailleur as well; then ripping out the front and rear derailleur cables, and sending the whole lot into the spinning rear wheel; destroying it completely.

    The solution shown in the videos is a far simpler method than the version i designed, but in theory, it should do just as good a job.
    Having said that (if you watch the video carefully) the Bionicon C Guide system still allows a shorter length of untensioned chain to make it's way back to the front chainring, but it is much reduced compared to a standard setup.

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