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    Hello everyone, I am working on my first build and it has been going pretty well. Its a OP cruiser bike with a Grubee engine. I have purchased and installed the manic mechanic sprockets and Hub adapter(Its Awesome!!) Here's the Problem..... I'm stuck on installing the chain. I am using a 415 which I had to get bc of the sprocket. The problem is that there is too much slack in the top running chain even when I put the tensioner on the lower half. The lower half tightens up just fine. I am finding that when the wheel is driven forward the chain totally slacks off, But when I spin the Wheel backwards it's tight and no slack. The complete opposite from what I want. The chain is shortened as much as I could shorten it, but there is still alot of vertical slack in the upper half of the chain. I don't know what's the problem. I hope someone out there can steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.:cool2:

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