Engine Trouble Chain tensioner blues!

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    Well my Chain tensioner finally stripped to the point of no return; I always hated that thing anyways.

    So right now I have my Chain on a direct drive but the fame is a bit to short to get it as tight as I want it for a very smooth ride.

    I am locking into spring loader tensoners but I do not want to buy anything since the lot of them well looking good are much to expensive; so I want to build my own to mount on the the engine itself and not have to weld anything onto the frame since I lack those kinds of tools.

    Does anyone have any guides on this kind of thing?

    I've seen a few but they are very vague and lacking of detail; but from what I have come to expect a lot of info on these engines, parts or mods are all extremely vague.

    For now it works but if any one have any good info I would love to see it.

    Thanks for you time guys! :D

  2. HeadSmess

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    shim(pack out) or grind the rear engine mount as required, as it is "loose" on the studs.

    unless the chain is eating into the bike frame. check thats all good...