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    having completed the motor installation, and finding an acceptable amount of rear sprocket misalignment, the final step was the chain tensioner. the donor bike was a schwinn jag. long story short, being wary of drilling the frame yet again, and being too impatient to figure out how to weld it in place, i decided to get a few u bolts, and an L shaped piece of metal from the hardware store. drilled a few holes to fasten the u bolts to the frame then lined up a hole in the tensioner and connected the two with a little bolt, of course with loctite and lock washers. this way the tensioner doesn't turn into your spokes and you don't have to weld or drill! also it was a good thing i got the L or V shaped metal, because even that bent a little, but is sturdy. hope this helps!

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    Kind of a dark picture, but it seems to be a pretty sturdy tensioner you fabricated there...