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    I had just built my bike yesterday 7/12, and I am having a chain tensioner problem, due to my frame being pretty high, the tensioner seems to just loosen up everytime i tighten it. The question is should i have it welded or take of the tensioner and deduct links from my chain. Thanks!

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    Chain too long, or ?

    The problem I got was that the chain was too long and my motor mount shifted so the drive cog moved closer to the rear wheel. This caused too much slack in the chain and it got jammed inside the engine cowling.

    Looks like you may need to get a 415 chain beaker and take a link or two off. I do not have a chain tensioner I use spacers to shift the motor so the chain length is right.

    I would check the forum to see what they would recommend for how much you need to torc on the motor mounts.

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    The first bike I built, the tensioner got pulled into the spokes and ripped 3 of them out. I'm on my 4th bike now and have never used it. All I did was remove links until the chain fit correctly. This has worked for me just fine. Hope this helps!
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    Chain definitely needs to be shortened. A safety mod would be if you can is to use either another type of tensioner and or mount, and if you can drill and tap a hole for either a bolt or set screw 3/16 or 1/4", at the arrow point. Also if I remember corectly...get rid of that rear axle quick release..others chime in about that..

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    wouldn't worry about quick release

    I would not worry about the quick release quite yet. Looks like the one you have is beefy enough to do the job. I have had them on my bike for quite a while and my wheel stays put. I have had my motor mount move though.

    I think if you go to a LBS (local bike shop) and get a chain breaker for the heavy duty BMX chain, it will do the job(ask about a 415). I would get an extra master link incase you take too much off.(wouldn't hurt)