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    I've read a number of threads about these chinese chain tensioners. Judging from some of the pictures I've seen some of you may be running into the same issue I had.
    When I first put the chain on, it was too long by about four links. After removing four links the chain still had a some slack in it so I employed the tensioner.
    Once chain tension is set there is a fairly radical angle on the chain. This puts extraordinary stress on the tensioner under motor power.

    Tensioner turning into the spokes.
    Chain coming loose.
    Chain misaligning and coming off sprocket.

    My Conclusion: Chain is still too long by about one link. The chain needs to make a more direct line to the bottom of the drive sprocket.

    My Problem: I couldn't figure out how to remove just one link, I had to remove two and then the chain is about one link too short for the master link to be inserted.

    My Solution: I found something I didn't know existed, but some of you may. It's called a "half link". I got one from my local Tractor Supply for about a buck. Now my chain is almost perfect length.

    I still use the tensioner, with the wheel set at it's lowest point but just slightly touching the chain. Reduced stress on the tensioner and no more problems.

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    I completely abandoned my tensioner, just used the rear dropout to tension the chain. Of course some modern bikes do have vertical dropouts: which are a pain.

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    Chain Tensioner Problems.

    Chain Tensioner Problems.

    Hi, I am hanig terrible problem with my chain.. It creats alot of stress on my tensioner and then it makes the tensioner move and run into the spokes.... Then i drilled a hole through the middle of then tensioner and in the frame, and made another bolt to support to the tensioner, But the chain ill makes the tensioner move, which causes the chain to rub on the tire.

    I trying to think of a solution... Also i have the pulley all the way up and the bottom part of the chain is like 1/3 of an inch to hitting to top part of the chain..
    I think the chain is to long, i think ima take about 2 links off and then move the rear tire back...

    you think that should work
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    you can bend the long side of the tensioner to make for better alignment
    I used 2 channel-lock pliers and bent it approx 1/2"
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    sounds like a good plan to me :D
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    extra bracket to keep tensioner from turning into spokes

    Hi everyone,

    I made a bracket that extends the tensioner so the chain guard will keep the tensioner from turning into my spokes and it works well. I have put 100 miles on mine with this setup and it works great! Here are some pics:

    I hope it helps you also. :grin:
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    I think shortening the chain would be the best solution. Remember the "half Link". You might need it as I did.
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    I knew half links existed but not for bikes.

    Is that full suspension HT set up?
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    My name is James and i'm here to get help from the pros. Here's my ordeal. I bought a motorized bike from a guy who builds them locally.
    I rode the bike less then 4 miles, the first three miles was from his house to mine. It's a Schwinn beach cruiser?

    I know very little about these bikes so please bare with me. I bought it just to ride to the local store or to ride to work on occasion as i don't work far from home.
    He told me to keep the chain tight, ok that's fine. So after my first ride i put the bike up. Today i decided to ride it around my neighborhood. All was well until the chain came off. I put the chain back on and tightened it like he instructed.

    I decided later oh why not go to the store a mile down the road. A little over halfway there the chain popped off again. So here i am pretty much in the middle of nowhere and with no tools. So i called the guy who sold it to me and he came down and tightened the chain. As soon as i thanked him and went to start it again, the same thing happened... The chain popped off. He looked at it again and said it was because the chain tensioner was sliding inwards and outwards and said the bolt in the middle that goes through the frame was bent. And that it was probably from me riding it.... I said i had hardly been anywhere. He said that's what they all say... Mind you i'm extremely honest and have no need to tell stories.

    I got it home and removed the "bent bolt" it was not at all bent and completely straight. I re tightened the clamp that holds to the frame and took it for a very brief test ride. Same thing the tensioner was sliding around and loose. This is the first one i have ever owned and have taken wonderful care of it in the less then 24 hours i have owned it.
    I was thinking maybe some rubber between the clamps... I also read that i could use a old tire or inner tube. I have looked online at tensioners and would be willing to purchase one. I seen one on this forum and ebay that mounts to the motor and others that are spring tensioned.

    The one i like is the one that mounts to the motor but i don't want to mess things up. Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Also thanks for allowing me on this forum. I'm attaching a picture of the bike and a link for the tensioner i saw.
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    when the chain stay is a bit too thin to hold the tensioner, I saw off an inch or so of old handlebar, split it and use it as shims under tensioner - also, be sure to set tension at chains tightest point (roll bike thru a full turn of chain to be sure it doesn't have a point at which it is too tight)
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  12. James L

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    He came and picked the bike up today and fixed it for me. The hole where the middle bolt went through the frame was waddled out. He did something similar to what you suggested.

    It looks like he cut a threaded pipe to make shims and put the middle bolt through it and the frame.

    I test rode it a short distance and the chain rattling noise was gone. He also fixed the spring and pin in the clutch handle as they popped out.

    I'm thankful for awesome forums and members who take the time to reply.
    Motorized bikes are new to me and even though i wanted one for forever it took me a few years to go for it. I can post a picture either later today or tomorrow.

    Now if this was a Android phone i could do whatever in a heartbeat. As i own a website where i fix, root, install custom OS on android devices worldwide. Only on the weekends now though as i have a full time job as well. I would post a link to my website for anyone interested but am unsure of the rules on that.

    Thank you so much

  13. James L

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    I have the chain issue fixed, now a new issue. I was riding it today and about 5-6 times it was bogging out while riding.

    It would run fine then all of a sudden the bike bogged out....
    I was able to restart it after a few tries though.

    I checked the carburetor and it was slightly turned and a little loose. I tightened the screw that holds it on but haven't rode it since. Any ideas?

    I have rode about 15 miles or less.

    Thank you
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    I found the issue. I thought the way i had the fuel shut off switch was set to on.....
    It wasn't, i pulled the fuel line and turned the lever.. one position it would dribble a few drops. The second position it would shut off the fuel. The third position the fuel flowed..

    I wondered why i didn't see fuel in the filter.... Face palm lol.
  15. crassius

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    you have some crap in that petcock - should be two on positions unless it is the kind that has a reserve feature (fastens with a large outside nut if it has reserve - just screws into tank if not)
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    Don't some of the peacocks have three settings: off, on, and gas saving. That drip drip might be a gas saving settings or slow enough to limp your way home in case you forgot to gas her up before your trip. Hell beats pedaling home against that engine resistance.
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    I took a quick ride to the store just a few minutes ago. I tried to take a picture but my phone battery was too low.

    It has a threaded pipe coming out of the tank then a large nut that connects to the petcock. Then fuel line & a filter.
    I assume from what you said it does have a reserve.

    Thank you
  18. James L

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    The drip i seen was the setting i was using for the whole week I've owned my bike.
    It worked for the duration. I wouldn't have paid it no mind had it not had issues earlier. It ran fine for about 7 miles then the last mile home it had issues staying started.

    You're right though, pedaling it is a challenge. When my chain kept falling off it was a nightmare to try and roll it while holding the back tire off the ground.
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    Yeah after thinking about it a bit more. I am sure your peacock isn't the one with three settings... LOL! Glad you figured out the issue
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    yes, that is the one with the reserve - should have markings on it that look like a glass that is full and another that is half-full

    as I recall tho lever handle in up position is on reserve