chain tensioner problems

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    I had a stock chain tensioner an it worked fine on my bike 1 day I went to tighten the bolts an over stripped them so bought a new hi speed 1 an when I put on my chain it would pop off rear tire sprocket an not stay on tensioner so I figured I need to buy stock 1 an I did so I got stock 1 today in mail an my chain still is popping off my rear sprocket an pulling in the tensioner messing up spokes a bit please help don't know what else to do or how to fix
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    Hello from Fort Myers.Maybe your sprocket or wheel is not true. Make sure it is a straight line looking from back of bike to the engine to make sure it is straight.
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    all that need to be in a straight line are the roller of the tensioner and the bottom of rear sprocket

    if these are lined up, the chain will be fed directly onto the sprocket (check by looking to see teeth hit exact center of chain gaps)

    usually, chain will only come off if it has been adjusted too tight - be sure to roll bike until tightest spot of chsin is found before setting the tensioner
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    also I got It to align and I thought it was going to work I went to ride it and chain pulled tensioner upside down into the spokes
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    is there any kind of metal on metal adhesive or something that works and will keep tensioner from moving?