Chain Tensioner chain tensioner pulley alignment

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by dr_clabo, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. dr_clabo

    dr_clabo Guest

    I will search for the pulley (idler) problem next.
    Nothing to address below in search:

    It is not parallel with the chain because the lower arms off the crank are not parallel with the chain (perpendicular to the rear axle) - they are slightly angled outward.

    Just go buy a torch and go at it?


    What might be the expert prescribed and tried & true method?

    Many, Many Thanks in advance,

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    dude, i wasn't trying to be a jerk, i needed to see what we had to do to make things better here for finding existing info, still working on it, sorry for the mini-hassle :???:

    first, make certain wherever you mount the tensioner, it's really on there, if you can move it with anything less than a hammer it's too loose.

    if you have access to an acetylene-wrench, by all means line that sucker up just as good as you can.

    mine is at a pretty good angle, but not so much that i needed to bend it, i just took great care when centering it. it runs in there cockeyed, which makes it noisy, but it's lasted for over a thousand miles so far.
  3. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    steel plates in between the brackets will help, l use two plates on the inside and one on the outside, it makes the chain straight. just like using spacers.
    these pics arent the greates but you should still understand from the pics. by the way pics help if you can post'em, gives everyone a better understanding of what your dealing with.....hope this helps....later
  4. dr_clabo

    dr_clabo Guest

    OK - GREAT !

    Thanks azvinnie, I will give that a try Sunday.

    I did fire-up the bike and it seems to be functional.
    I did not really get going fast, perhaps 25mph once.

    Just ran it once. I did not want to miss the break-in window by driving too slow and didn't want to go fast until the idler pulley is properly aligned and secure.

    augidog - No offense taken and sorry if I was a little "wound-up" today.

    This is a great site and my compliments on the super response time.

    Now that I a few a posts under my belt, I hope to post some pics soon too.

    Also, I think that will go online and get another engine. I just wanted to check-out one prior to getting into providing for the whole family. I wanted to make certain that they were all that they were cracked up to be and that installation went smoothly.

    I am sure that the next installation will be smooth(er).


    Thanks a bunch,
  5. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    your welcome from MBc, glad l was able to help ya, anyway im off to the death race 2007 and will post pics and results of the race later to night.....
  6. If it helps, I aligned mine by clamping the idler assembly onto the bike, removing the idler pulley and using a large pipe wrench to do the bending...I would bend small amounts at a time an put the pulley back on between bends to see how it aligns....usually takes me 2 or 3 small tweaks to get it right...