Chain Tensioner chain tensioner required?? Throwing chain out of allignment

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    Hi all,
    I seem to keep having this problem with my chain getting stuck up in the small sproket (or teeth) under the clutch cover. The chain sems like it gets wedged up in there to the point it locks up my back wheel. I have a 66cc(80) and its mounted to a mongoose frame. I'm pretty sure that i have kept good tension on my chain and have also removed some links with the stock chain and the chain i'm currently using is #41 from ace. I have had this same problems with both chains so i don't think (not positive) that the #41 is the prob. Anyways when i look at my bike fromthe back to see how chain lines up it would be perfectly straight without the seems like it throws the chain out of line and might be better off without it. Since this is a mountain bike with some slack on the pedal chain would i be okay to take out as many links in the engine chain to make it tight enough to not use tensioner?? seems like it would work... the tensioner is from BGF on ebay and it doesn't seem like the best quality... Any feedback would help me out tons..THANKS riders :helmet: I attached a pic of what it looks like when the chain "folds" or wedges up in there if it helps any Thanks

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    I had had the same problem and eventually ran a straight chain for months with no problem, I did end up building a better spring loaded tensioner(this month) tho, I found if you use a 24" straight edge. From the top tube to the down tube and place it between the head cooling fins (both sides) it's real easy to line the motor up straight.

    It can work I did for months, it's just a pain in the butt every time you take the tire off, and especially after the chain stretches out.

    edit for safety "if your chain has pop'ed off to the inside (spoke side) check them out carefully I had 3 spokes snap in half and all the rest were mangled from the chain"
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    that bit about the spokes goes for BOTH chains.

    try 12 on one side :) that one held up for the ride home :D

    the one that copped the tensioner that broke spokes from both sides...that was a dump, walk, come back and pick up...

    make sure nothing can get in those spokes!

    *thinks about old school "disc" wheels* :whistling:
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    I had some what of the same issues until I used the tensioner for tension and not thinking it's a guide.Well I have seen and heard of people going without the tensioner too.I tried it but couldn't keep the right tension on the chain after taking the wheel off to fix flats.Also when you squeeze the clutch and riding the chain vibrates if to loose,It will skip teeth and bind up.It really needs to be about 1/2 inches gap when you squeeze the top and bottom chains together.Hope this helps.
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