Chain Tensioner Chain Tensioner Safety Catch



For anyone who is worried about their chain tensioner coming loose you could try this. Speaking from experience, if the tensioner comes loose and drops down and there is enough slack in the chain it can get jammed up in the motor and cause some major damage. I used an old wrench that I had laying around but a piece of bar stock with a notch cut on one end to fit the nut would also work. The bar could also be made longer and then could be attached using both bolts.


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That's cool. I've forgotten to tighten mine up once and it dropped down. That's like solid insurance.
HEY! Check out your RAM AIR!!
Is that off of an old vacuum?
It is a piece of vacuum cleaner hose. I didn't have enough room between the carb and the frame to fit an air cleaner so I had to improvise.
Great idea! I used a nylon locknut on mine, but might try this. Improvise, overcome, adapt. Hoorah!:)
Handy idea Butch...i missed this post first time around so i'm glad i caught up with it.
I like the sprocket that guides the chain instead of the little plastic roller in the stock kit....great job innovating!
Thanks for posting this and bumping it back up. I ruined the threads on that bolt by over tightening because i was afraid of the roller sliding back down.
One more thing to add to my list of "Why didn't I think of that?"
Neato tip, I remember how my chain tensioner became loose and slipped off into the wheel, broke three spokes and buckled it pretty badly. Ditched the chain tensioner after that.