Chain Tensioner Chain tensioner went into the spokes

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  1. ilovenxtage

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    I was riding along at about 30mph with a car coming up behind me when I heard/felt a jolt, my engine died, and my wheel locked up solid! I skidded and fishtailed for a good 75 feet before stopping, and after my heart rate came back down, I pushed the bike home with the back wheel sliding all the way. The tensioner was bent into an L shape and jammed in the spokes, one spoke was broken and two others badly bent, and the idler wheel was all chewed up. So now I need a new tensioner and three new spokes :veryangry:

  2. Fabian

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    Maybe you should look at fitting a SickBikeParts shift kit - this method will not only solve the problem you have discussed but it will also make your bike much more usable.
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    usual cause of this is the chain riding up over the teeth of the rear sprocket
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    On a positive note, 3 spokes and a tensioner is a cheap price to pay. At least you didn't go over the handlebars at 30 mph or got ran over by the car behind you.

    Might want to get rid of the crappy chain. Keep the chain well lubed. Check to make sure your chain is aligned properly and the tension is not too loose or too tight. Buy a shift kit, as Fabian suggested.

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    I agree with Big Blue, most all problems are chain related. I had a chain break once, and it wrapped around the hub, causing extensive damage to the spokes. Also, very dangerous having the rear wheel lock up on you at road speeds. Get a good chain, and check alignment frequently.