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    hey everyone, i am currently working on reworking my bike.

    Ive seen posted before about a chain tensioner made from tractor supply products, they no longer carry it though.

    Where would i be able to find a similar part for a relatively cheap cost??

    does anyone have any ideas?

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    Check their website, I believe folks have ordered the ATV chain tensioner through the mail when either their location did not stock or there was no TSC close by. I had to check 3 TSC's before I found one that carried it AND had it in stock. As an alternative, TSC also sells a selection of belt pulleys. In that section you will find a small diameter metal tension pulley with a bearing already installed. It is a flat pulley designed to tension the backside of a belt. Although I bought one, I haven't actually tried it, but I think it would be a suitable replacement for the plastic on in the kits. Being metal, it may be noisier, so wrapping it with something may be necessary.

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    ok, i know the original one on their site is no longer on the site like the item was removed. but i will search around.
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    Check out Large Filipino's solution.
    An update on that BTW, it has out-lived my first HT engine.
    Uses a bikes derailer gear, a bolt and less noise.
    The only differance is, I don't use the small black derailer gear, was uisng the larger size, that way there is less over-spin.
    I'm not sure where the thread is, it was posted by LF, Legend over 12 months ago
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    i wanted the spring loaded tensioner, i have the stationary one.. and thanks for the input, but ive seen those threads and tsc is the one who used to carry them, but no longer?!
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    I googled "TSC and chain tensioner", the link that comes up goes to a page no longer available on the TSC website, but if you click on the cached page on Google, you see the old page with the item number. It states not available online, available in stores only. Maybe call around some local stores? Interestingly, the Spring for the chain tensioner, which must be purchased seperately, is still available online and in stores. Maybe they are having a glitch.
  8. Here is a post by another member in a seperate thread that might help......

    " It's baja motorsports, tel. # 888-863-2252, #165-063 chain tensioner, #165-280 spring.. I just ordered them over the phone".
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