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    HI this is Gary,Im doing my second bike and I dont see an improved chain tentioner mounts. I made one for my first bike using the mounting that came in the kit. All you do is get some flat stick to make a pivet arm and a spring. I used the 4 bolt mount. The problem I always have is keeping the idler bracket from moveing radioly. Anyone have a good fix??

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    Some of the guys are welding the bracket. I think that I would put a drill bit through the bracket and bike frame, about an 8/32 drill and put a bolt through it with 2 washers and a nylock nut and locktite. That gives you a free easy fix and should not weaken your frame.. You can either put it near the top of the spring loaded bracket(upgraded) or in the center of the standard bracket. The fancy lever kit sold on ebay looks to be a solution too , but I have not tried it.
    I bought a bearing idler because the previous owner broke 2 bushing idlers and the bearing is junk right from the get go. I am using my home made idler which is metal, 2 bearings ,and a 3/8 bolt. . working ,but not sure it will hold up.
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    Hi,Im the new guy. Im an older motorcycle guy and have been doing motorized bicycles for about 2.5 yrs.. Sold my first bike and now building a new one. Schwinn with z280 and all the good stuff. Im going to fabracate another spring mount chain tentioner with bearing pully. what i need to know, is it better to mount it closer to the back sprocket or by the motor?? I'll upload some pic's soom Thanks Gary
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    Hi there and welcome to MBc. Th new tensioner will certain;y be an improvement over that cheap, plastic wheel that usually comes in kits. I think the mounting distance from the rear sprocket would depend a great deal on the build, the length of the chain, and the length of the bike. I have had to mount mine quite a bit forward, because I ride a Recumbent Delta Trike (photos on the last page or two or my build at our Powered Trikes Forum under Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power.) Check out the pictures in our Photo Gallery for more ideas. Good luck to you and, you might consider a post on 'how you made it', and include pictures. You might give some other members some inspiration.