Chain tightening Issue

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Androosky, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Androosky

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    I'm having issues with tightening both chains to the correct point, one is loose then the other is too tight, or vise versa. I was thinking of maybe getting a brand new set of each since I'm nowhere near where I should be in terms of chain tightness... or buying a set of rear wheel tensioners. Below is the amazon link, if anyone has any recommendations that worked for them please post, I've tried shortening the engine links gradually without any success. 48t sprocket on a beach cruiser.

  2. crassius

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    one usually sets the pedal chain by moving the axle, and the motor chain with the kit's tensioner
  3. Androosky

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    The tensioner I have currently is not stock, so it dosnt tighten the chain as much as the kit one does.
  4. AssembleThis

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    Hi Androosky! I posted the information on your other post.
    New here, looking for a good cruiser starting bike.

    The tensioner I designed and fabricated cost me less then $15. It has a captured HDPE idler that will not let the chain off the idler unless the chain breaks. The tensioner assembly was made with scrap plate steel and muffler hose clamps threaded all the way so they could be tightened to the frame. This design can not fail, it is impossible for the idler to ever come in contact with the wheel or spokes. There are pictures provided on your other post. The problem isn't the tensioner. The 410 chains quite simply suck. They continue to stretch needing constant adjustment. Get rid of it, get the one I said to purchase on the other post. If I can be of any further help let me know. As I said I haven't explained all the mods I made on my first build, that would require many chapters. But the mods I have made have allowed me to ride my bike over 700 miles without a single failure. On a cheap Wally World LaJolla cruiser. Be safe but above all else have fun!