Chain Tugs For Vertical Dropouts!!!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by skrew37, May 12, 2011.

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    Has anyone been able to make or purchase a chain tug that'll work with vertical (diagonal) rear dropouts? I know they make them for horizontal (rear-facing) dropouts, but I want to use them for my bike and short of have new horizontal dropouts welded/brazed on, I'm out of luck. Any help?!?!?

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    horizontal drop outs(like Jumbo shrimp)

    what I did for my bike was to weld track bike ends on my old giant mountain bike frame. I then cut a derailleur hanger off a rear drop out I had in stock and added it to the pedal side of the drive train. Its worked out quite well for me so far. I have had some problems getting the wheel back in when I have had to rebuild the rear hub but it was doable.

    Its worked pretty good so far and I am able to get the right tension on the engine side without having to have a roller.

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    I just bought a pair of these. It's the same design concept as the surly tugnuts which are said to work on the semi-horizontal diagonal dropouts, only without the built-in bottle opener (i don't need that feature as my beer is usually twist off or in cans, i'm classy like that). I'm adding a half-link to my #41 drive chain so I can pull the whole assembly back, both properly tensioning both chains (my bike chain is very loose, so I have room to move) and putting the axle further back in the dropout (right now it's almost at the opening, yikes). Fingers crossed this will work. I'll post pics after May 19th- 24th when my package is expected to arrive. In the meantime back to breaking/fixing stuff...

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    Here's a drawing I did; pics to come later. I purchased the chain tugs in the above post (I call them that as not to confuse them with the ugly tensioner that comes stock) and did a very easy dremel modification. I simply notched out a small groove in the rear of the dropout so they don't slip. I almost JB welded them into place, but soon realized that I wouldn't be able to easily remove my wheel if needed (flat tire out on the road etc.) I also purchased a longer axle to accommodate the added thickness and "capped" the extra length of axle off with mini-foot pegs. I'm very pleased with this set-up and thought I'd share my joy of something actually going as planned. (fingers crossed) Enjoy!

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