Chain wear?



My bike wears chains out quickly. There's a lot of chain noise as well. My rear sprocket does not line up exactly square but its not off much. The instructions that came with the motor mentioned rounding off the drive sprocket due to some quality control issues? Has anyone done this? Will it make a differance. I can see that the wear is caused when the chain enters the sprocket. I hate changing out chains every couple of hundred miles.
if you pull motor sprocket to do the dremel thing ...remember to take out clutch pin before using puller or you will screw up your clutch
yes it will,
if you forget the pin, when cranking the puller it pushes pin into clutch plate bending it enough that the ball bearing gets wedged in there and ...poof one toasted engine :eek:

I, personally, have made this mistake :eek: and would like others to learn from it...I SURE HAVE !!!
yes. the chain is having a problem "seating" on the wide sprocket...grind or file a small bevel on the teeth to help. but, width is width, & this may only make it a different prob by widening the chain too much.