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    I have a 60 dollar magna that I got from target and put a HT motor on it.The chain decided to derail from the sprocket, pull down the tensioner, and the tensioner would go into the spokes. It did it a few times after 20 minutes of awesome riding. Now the tensioner won't stay put, the chain keeps derailing to the inside, and my wheel is shredded.

    I suspect the sprocket was not on tightly or strait and it caused damage.

    I need new parts for my bike... I need to either find a better tensioner that grips the frame like ****, or eliminate the tensioner and take a risk on the chain size not working out. I need a new rear wheel... but I have no idea how to find an exact match for what I need. Oh, and I need decent sprocket rubber clamp things. The ones I got SUCK.

    I am in desperation. Can anyone help?

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    Throw the tensioner away, go and buy or borrow a chain tool and take out the required links,you can adjust the back wheel forward and backward to tighten the chain.The chain will stretch over the next month or so and you just keep adjusting the back wheel a bit,check it before every ride. It will be the best thing you can do, I did it and will never use a tensioner again.There are others here who may tell you that you need a tensioner, thats ****, its more hassle and more dangerous than its worth. Mac
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    I agree with MotorMac. Get rid of that tensioner! Someone else on here used spacers on the motor mount to set the tension. Mine is setup as described above and I haven't had any problems with it. It has not stretched either as a most claim it will. Maybe it has something to do with different chain types though.
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    Oh snap! Did that part come with that mounting bracket with bolts and everything? If so, I'll order it today.

    Oh, and where can I find a replacement rear wheel for my magna? I need a no-bs method of acquiring it, and would like to avoid the sketchy bike shops around my place.

    It's so funny. I have the same bike in the same color... and the same fuxored frame right where the tensioner used to be :) Hilarious.
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  5. No it didnt come that way, the bracket IS actually part of the old tensioner lol. Took bending some alltherad rod, cutting the old tensioner bracket, and fitting to frame, a couple of hours, but well worth the time. I dont know where to get a wheel other than the bike shop OR Ebay, maybe...
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    I never installed a chain tightener for the drive chain. I remembered an old dirt bike trick. We always used chain saw chain lube on our drive chains. My first motoredbike chain lasted about 150 miles using bicycle chain lube and stretched too much to suit me. I switched to the saw chain lube and have put on another 350 miles with very little stretch. My advice - forget the tensioner & switch the lube.
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    Okay, I've figured out everything I need to do, but two things:

    1, is that little black master link clip a universal fit so I can get it at a store, or do I have to get a master link from dax?

    2. Where the **** can I find a 5 speed 26" rear wheel? I can't find them anywhere!!!!

  8. I would try Ebay......Or bike shop.....
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    Yes, you will have to order the black master link clip from a vendor on here such as dax. I lost mine and tried using a # 41 master link but that didn't work out so well.

    As for the wheel, misteright's advice is probably best. I've also had trouble finding the same type of wheel. You could also look for a cheap used bike at a thrift store to salvage a wheel from.
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    Bowlsnapper, it might be easier and better in the long run to go to your Tractor supply store or small engine shop and get #41 chain,masterlinks are very common and easy to get for #41,,the chain you have is #415 and masterlinks you have to order special. #41 is a perfect fit and stronger too.
  11. I agree with MotorMac, When I got my tensioner at TSC, I also upgraded to the #41 chain, with extra masterinks.....
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    Thanks, guys! I actually picked up a #41 chain and a butt-load of M-Links and half-links to be sure.... but I forgot a chain break!!!!! It DOES slide side to side a little on the sprocket, but, then again, I DID file those teeth down a bit...

    But my boss is actually helping me out with the breaker, so I think I might be able to finish this by tonight :)

    When it IS done, I'll post a video in THIS thread, and the appropriate section for such a thing as well.

    Oh yeah, what should I use to space the rear mount without having to go and buy/fabricate MORE parts? Can I use the old grip from my handlebars or something like that?
  13. The chain is 1/16" wider I believe, so it is going to move side to side maybe why it works so much better, but there is enough clearance inside the sprocket cover. As far as the chain break, I didnt use one, I punched the pins out with an awl and hammer.
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    .... Really? What the heck did you support the chain with to keep the pin in the air for it to come out?
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    Bowlsnapper, there are several ways to shorten the chain, you can punch them out, or grind the ends of the pins and knock them out, or by far the easiest is to use a chainbreaker,the right tool for the job and if your boss is going to show you how thats great.
    Loosen the back wheel of your bike slightly so you can move it forward alittle bit , now with the chain on the bike carefully mark the link you want to remove,hold the two ends together as tight as you can making sure you can get a link in between dont make it too short!! Reattach the chain with the masterlinks prongs facing the rear on the top chain.
    Now pull back that back wheel so the chain is tight,making sure the wheel is straight. tighten down the wheel bolts good and tight. The chain will stretch and loosen over a period of several weeks, during this time you need to watch the chain and keep adjusting it, there will come a time when the chain will be a perfect fit, and never have a need to worry about it again and no tensioners to worry about too..
    Hope this helps!! MAC
  16. I set it on top of a vise, not clamped in but the vise just barely open for the pin to go thru. You could also use a block of wood with a small hole, a socket, a small nut, just bout anything with a hole in it.....