Chain wont line up ! Help!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rockjaw, Apr 24, 2014.

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    So now I get the bike together to start it up and the sprocket is all crooked..the chain isnt lined up ...i reversed the sprocket around and same thing..i installed this kit on a bike that had disk there some kind of adapter for the sprocket to sit on? its deffinetley not going to line up ..

  2. crassius

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    some pics would help
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  4. Rockjaw

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    the bike had disk brakes ...the there was a small plate on the rear wheel that the sprocket went on..not sure if thats what is making everything not line up
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    You've got one of these, right? use the bushings as you see fit so the sprocket can be lined up with the motor gear. Spend enough time tightening the sprocket hardware to make sure the sprocket is true and not wobbling around.

    Can you make due without the tensioner? I dont know much about disc brakes on bicycles....
  6. crassius

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    a pic straight up the chain run would show more about alignment, but that doesn't look too bad from the side

    does the chain rub on the tire or frame? a 1/4 inch or so out usually makes no difference as long as the chain clears everything

    part of the job the chain tensioner does is to align the bottom of the chain such that it feeds perfectly straight onto the rear sprocket, so one often sees a slight bend in the chain right there

    I also like to grind or file the sides of the tips of the sprocket teeth to sharp edges to help them find the gaps in the chain.
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    yes..thanks Ive tried everything..the guy i bought the engine kit from said that its ok to put it on a bike with disc brakes,,well he was wrong unless im stiill missing something ..there is a metal plate that holds the brake disc ...that brings the sprocket out too far and it cant be removed...the chain is all out of just gonna tear the whole kit off and put it on a beach cruiser from walmart and sell this one SAM_1801.jpg
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    they make a 6 hole sprocket to fit that plate - or a top-hat adapter that will allow use of both sprocket & disk calipers - but these are sometimes only for certain wheel sizes

    I like walmart cruisers when they are the 7 speed type with real brakes front & rear.

    as I think about it, I think I have an old sprocket here that has the center hole hogged out to go over that mounting plate (same thing one needs to do to make the hole bigger to go over the dust cap on a coaster brake bike) - that center hole doesn't even need to be round, so a big square hole would work too