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  1. cdoddsie15

    cdoddsie15 New Member

    im new to all of this and i was just wondering if anyone could give detailed instructions on how to cut the chain to the right size

  2. datz510

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    I just used a small grinder and ground off the rivet where I wanted to cut the chain. Once the end of the rivet is gone, that link can be pulled apart. Then you just use the master link supplied to join the two ends together.
  3. HoughMade

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    Don't bother grinding- just use a punch or nail set and drive it out.

  4. Yep just set it on a socket or something with a hole, hit it once hard, and then if you want you can bend side plate back, reinsert pin, and not have to use masterlink. MUCH stronger....
  5. cdoddsie15

    cdoddsie15 New Member

    thanks for the replies but i have a new problem
    i have no idea about how to attach the throttle cable to the carb.
    if anyone could give me some instructions it would be greatly appreciated
  6. mcassMB6

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    i actually went to my local motorcycle dealer and bought a really nice chain breaker tool for under $20.00. Makes life so much easier when dealing with the master link.