Chaining up a GEBE



This new GP460 engine is just too much for a GEBE. I want to ride thousands of miles without having to constantly fight with it. I am planning on getting a 9 gauge "as strong as possible" wheel built from wheelmaster, as well as using a disc brake hub mounted sprocket (courtesy of andyinchville1)...

I will be mounting a staton 3.11:1 compact drive to the same place my GEBE clutch housing currently mounts. Hopefully, I'll be using a 72 tooth driven sprocket with a variety of 9-14 tooth drive sprockets so I can find the ratios I want for best cruising mpg and happiest mountain riding.

I may yet be getting that Dominator pipe as well. We shall see, it depends on how my own design for an exhaust goes... more on that later.

... I have attached a picture that should explain what I want to do. Basically I want to have a two speed system where I mount two sprockets on the output shaft, similar to the way kerf did his two speed. As far as making a shifter and all that, I will hold off for now. I will have to stop the bike, get out my wrench, loosen the tensioner, and move the chain to the sprocket I want.

Basically, I have created this thread because I have for sure decided to do this now and I wanted to get some opinions from people as to what kinds of problems they see with my diagram or with the setup in general. If I only had the knowledge last year that I have now, I would already be riding this beast! This community is awesome.


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sorry to hear your current setup isnt working out for you, that 4 hp beauty is probably pushing the gebe setup over the edge, just wishing goodluck with the new build, i like to keep an eye on the recumbent builds as my wife has the sun ez3x-ax which hopefully one day have an engine roaring of the back....
I like this bike pretty well I would say. One of these days I will be riding around on something much lower though. My legs aren't quite long enough to be able to comfortably sit flat on the ground when not moving. If it was, this bike would be infinitely more comfortable when I decide to stop and enjoy the scenery. I have been thinking about finding someone who knows how to do MIG welding and shorten a part of the frame as I have in the attached rough illustration. Another 2-3 inches lower on the seat and it would be really nice. I have no idea how much that kind of thing costs though. It might be better just to get another bike. The key for me is LWB and LOW ...

I think the recumbents are safer as well because you don't go flying forward off of the bike like you would on an upright.


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