chainsaw bike


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May 18, 2008
hi im eric and i need some help with my project. i have a 40cc Husky chainsaw that i would like to put on my mountain bike. i have a rack that mounts right above the rear wheel so ide like to use that. my problem is i cant find how i can make it chaindriven. i want to do it as easliy as possible. thnx in advance:-|

PS: dont have welding tools


I understand your motivation as I began with similar ambitions but there are some formidable issues. First, the saw clutch is not compatible with roller chain so you will need to find a suitable clutch. Second, you will require at least 18 - 20 to 1 gear reduction, that will require a jack shaft with very large sprockets. You could buy a wheel sprocket for a Happy Time or some such engine kit and mount to your rear hub. Finding a suitable method to mount the engine will also require a great deal of ingenuity.

After reviewing the issues I've described, I decided just to buy a kit and spend more time riding.