Chainsaw friction drive help please..

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by concretepumper, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Ok guys I am on my 3rd built in 2 weeks of this whole MB thing. My first 2 are friction drive on weed wacker motors. Now I have a build I am doing for a guy and he brought me the bike and a chainsaw tonight. The chainsaw is a homelite 35cc with a clutch. So can I do a friction drive on a clutch? Maybe remove the small sprocket? Looks like the shaft might be threaded once the C clip is removed?? I am going to use either a socket or a peg. Can I weld it to the clutch? Also any advice on getting better grip on the drive spline? Cut grooves or glue some abrasive material to it?? Thanks in advance. Rick

    Ok another thought. Can I loose the clutch and go direct.


    Also here is the bike it will go on. (girls bike). The GT is my sons we mounted his motor to this weekend. Still needs some adjustment.

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    Cool thanks Alaska! I did read that thread. Still searching for answers.