Chainsaw massacres!

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    heh heh heh. :jester:

    i got a lil stihl MS170. just a baby compared to most. does the job i use it for :)

    i always wanted to pipe a chainsaw... they really rev! ive done one fitted in a boat but not an actual running saw!

    so, i did a lil bit of research...noone has had the decency to pipe a 170 and put it on utube... :(

    theres plenty of big ones, cus, lets face it. americans are crazy :jester: or need to cut a lot of wood for winter. one or the other?

    i did find out that the 180 cylinder is a direct bolt on, and is good for a few extra cc. pretty cheap too for the kit!

    now, apparently, it has some really docile porting... 140/96. yet its rated for 15000!

    so im going to put a pipe on it :) this will be a challenge, getting half a metre onto this tiny lil baby saw and still use it, but darn it, ima going to! tune for 14000 and see what happens :)

    heh heh heh :devilish: