Chainsaws,weedwhackers,snow blowers...oh my!

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Has anyone just mounted up a chainsaw engine, with the proper centrifugal clutch and chain to drive a bolt on type sprocket like the Chinese engines use? The felt pad type?

Seems too easy. I have an extra much is a sprocket and adapter?
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I have a McCULLOCH engine. It's 32-33cc. wanna see it? sure you do. 8)



did this come off a chainsaw? would this be sturdy enough to power a bike? duh....sure it is. this is the same as a mid-size gebe powerplant. With the right gear ratio, this will work. I have a bunch of Q's :?
we should talk. (I have sprockets.... with all the fixins) 8)
Yeah, I had a notion to mount my Husky or my Stihl engine on a bike and just run a centrifugal clutch with a chain going to the rear wheel via a sprocket like the Chinese engines use.

I haven't looked at either, but I'm guessing mounts will be the hardest part...I got a hundred pounds of various aluminum plate from .090 up to 1/4". I have some "saddles" from ultralight aircraft-used to bolt flat stuff to round stuff. In fact I have a boatload of tubing ect ect. from ultralights...I EVEN HAVE A 440CC KAWASAKI!!!! :eek: :LOL:

I keep bidding on a dax, but I keep getting shot I started thinking.....
Looks like it's from a weedwacker. 33cc is enough. My 50cc Vino goes 40+ with me and a hundred and sixty five pounds of scooter. It's a CVT, but the clutch should be fine for a bicycle.

I think I'll look into mounting a chainsaw engine on my Next Monterey whateveritscalled.

I have to buy or make a sprocket set up, felt padding and all. Anybody got an extra for sale? 44T or 36T?
How are you going to gear it down? Possibly a jackshaft setup?

Well, for starters, how much do I have to gear it down? I mean if I run a 9-11 tooth sprocket on the clutch, and a 44T on the rear, how much would that get me? What are the number of teeth on the sprockets on the Chinese engine?

I should be able to run direct drive, just like a go kart or minibike, no?
In order to get the right gear ratio without the use of a jackshaft you would want a rear sprocket nearly the size of the bike wheel. The little Chinese engines are geared down something like 10/1 and then another 4 to 1 with the chain sprockets. You can figure your gearing mathmatically since you know the RPM of the engine and the size of the bike wheel.

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