Chainsaws,weedwhackers,snow blowers...oh my!

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Guest, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. alexlacey

    alexlacey New Member

    I know this is a very late response to this post..but it's bugging me....That post of yours sounds pretty negative to me. Alaskavan...Kinda like.."Hey i'm ritch and can afford a real chinese motor that's quiet and has instructions to install so i don't have to use my brain..cause that would hurt!...Lord we can't have that now can we?..And i have the money to replace the cheap chinese brass made bushings on the crank, and the cheap coil , and the cheap chain, and the cheap carb kits"....people like you disgust me...when it comes to ingenuity you wouldn't even know how to prep your own steak on the grill .....gotta go with something you seen on youtube...probably a rich guy that has a nice grill that has absolutely no clue what he's doing cause he seen it on you tube also......probably your video!!! why don't you just keep your mouth shut and what little piece of untaught mind you have left out of our discussion!...Sounds like Bicycle Obommacare....Later on that note!!

  2. alexlacey

    alexlacey New Member

    And by the way the last post was a reply to this post by Alaskavan....i took it offensive..or at least annoying...long time a go i know but it's never to late to speek you but yea this one..on page 5 or 6 to this thread...

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    Alaskavan Guest

    That is so cool. There are so many chainsaws around this town that if I copied your build on this one, pretty soon every kid around here would be riding a Stihl powered bike, the whine of chainsaws would interupt church services, and the city would pass laws so restrictive that I wouldn't be able to ride my Staton powered bike.
  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    two things this reminds me of... both doco's.

    one...lil ethiopian kids, having the time of their life with a handmade toy that consisted of nothing more than a tin can on a twisted bit of wire, with a few stones inside that rattled when they pushed it along the ground...

    two...watching a bunch of young Aboriginal boys that had strapped victa lawnmowers into their bikes and were doing wheelies on the side of...well, a dirt track in the middle of whoop whoop masquerading as a main road...

    why do the hard done by guys always find something to smile about, while the soft lil princesses with everything they ever wanted on tap just whinge whine and carry on about how hard life is and then cut themselves?
  4. ltbordo

    ltbordo New Member

    build question

    what type of chain and sprockets did you use?

  5. New Member

    staton chainsaw

    Anyone try putting a chainsaw motor on a station friction drive? Would toe clutch fit the 78mm bell housing for the friction roller?