Changed My Mind...Will SELL Oscar.

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    My Mustang will be arriving sometime in January, and I'll have too many 2-wheelers in my garage: The Mustang, the Whizzer, and my Schwinn Cruiser with its 7-speed planetary hub that I want to keep for exercise.

    I've got to be realistic...with the Mustang's 250cc 18 HP OHC Counterbalanced Engine, 5-Speed transmission, Hydraulic Disc Brakes on both wheels, Electric and Kick Starters, Turn Signals along with Lights, Brake Lights, & Horn, and 250 pound weight, I'll certainly prefer taking my pleasure rides on that scooter instead of dear ol' Oscar!

    Here's a shot of the Mustang along with a man about my size: (A 150cc bike is shown...mine will be 250cc of exactly the same dimensions).

    Oscar will be advertized on this forum's Buy/Sell/Trade, and also on Craigslist.


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  2. 1983JZR3W

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    Congrats on the new Mustang (CSC scooter)!! What color did you get?
  3. Racie35

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    two different worlds...I thought you were in love with that oscar bike?
  4. Hal the Elder

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    Thanks, ZO6-LITE!

    I got the Ruby Red Metallic, and I also ordered a chrome cargo carrier for the back.

    My neighbor has offered to bring the Mustang home in his new Dodge diesel pickup.

    I'll buy his gas (oil) and slip him a nice tip! (CSC would have charged me $200 for the 58-mile delivery trip)

  5. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    HEY RACIE.....

    I couldn't have loved OSCAR very much, having put only 400 miles on him in the 4 years since I owned him.

    With the Mustang, it'll be a different story!

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  6. 1983JZR3W

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    That should be a really good looking bike!! How much more do they charge for the 250cc upgrade? I looked on their site, but could not find anything. Please post some pics when you get it home.
  7. Hal the Elder

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    HEY Z06-LlTE

    The prices for their 150cc Classics are $3695, and for their 250cc Classics (actually 223cc), it's $4295. Six hundred more for the bigger engine, which also has an OHC instead of a Pushrod valve train, as well as a crankshaft-driven eccentric counterbalancer, which is responsible for the 10 pounds of extra weight of the 250.

    The single-color Baby Doll, the Greaser, and the Military series run $100 to $300 higher, but the Classic is available in 6 colors.

    You bet I'll post some pics!

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  8. Racie35

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    ouch! on the cost of that haven't convinced me you'll ride it more than the whizzer:whistling:
  9. Hal the Elder

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    I don't intend to convince anybody of anything I say I'll do.

    The Mustang cost me 4 times as much as the Whizzer ($4392.49 cash with a $500 discount, otherwise $4892.49), so that fact alone will see me on the bike much more frequently!

    The FUN aspect will also contribute to my more pedaling to start it and to boost it across an intersection, which is embarrassing when motorists are waiting at the cross streets!

    An electric starter, eighteen horsepower engine, and a 5-speed transmission will make those days gone forever!

    When there are more Mustangs on the road, I hope to see someone start a Mustang Forum!

    Here's a shot of a Suzuki Savage "Big Single", I used to own: This was a real gut-yankin' Thumper, with 652cc in that big cylinder!


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  10. Racie35

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    okay....when you get past 400 miles in under 4 years...:bowdown:
  11. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    HEY RACIE 35,

    It sure won't take me that long to get 400 miles on the Mustang...maybe the first year!

    Four years? Heck, in 3-1/2 years I'll be 80 years old!

    HAL the ELDER,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! :grin5:
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  12. Racie35

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    Lol thats the spirit Hal!
  13. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member make your Camel gallop, hit him on the withers with your riding crop and shout "HUT HUT HUT!"

    (From the film "Lawrence of Arabia")