changeing vertical to horizonal 4 stroke

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by lanternman, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. lanternman

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    Hey I need help. Can you run a mower engine without a bade? I am converting a vertical shaft to a horizonal 5.5 engine. Every thing is changed on the engine. My friend tells me you have to have a blade for a flywheel. I said my bike friends would help. Louis

  2. crazyman

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    Without the momentum of a blade it's just more susceptable to tuning. AKA it's harder to start but easier to pull. I converted a vertical shaft mower engine to a vertical shaft tiller, but I used a cast iron flywheel from another tecumseh, but it came with it's own problems. And that's not including your dilemma of swapping it to horizontal.

    What engine?
  3. lanternman

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    The engine was on a Sears selfpropelled mower. I never used the the mower, but it was low hrs., so I thought it could be used on a bike. I had decided on a bike design for the motor. But when it was mounted on a rack to see how it ran in the upright position, there was a kick back when it was pulled. Oh bythe way I changed the oiling system and the carb. Louis
  4. HeadSmess

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    theres not much to change, is there? just a splasher on the conrod if im correct... maybe a few holes drilled here and there... standard briggs&stratton?

    all four strokes already have a flywheel ;) petrol ones, anyways.

    theyll all kick back too...

    mind you, adding a flywheel of some type wont hurt :)
  5. tjs323626

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    The mower engines have a lightweight flywheel. The blade acts to overcome this. The addition of a clutch or torque converter will mitigate the kick to some extant. The engine will rev up quicker than one with a heavy flywheel but getting a smooth low idle may be difficult. The stock carb is about as fine as a bucket with a hole in it, but a better carb is available, Lots of parts will be found at some of the kart sites.
    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.