Clutch Changing clutch pads??

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  1. jeffrey kleinknecht

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    My first build,which has been ridden exclusively b my 15 year old step son,who,incidentally,is 6'4'',250 lbs,is experiencing clutch problems.
    I removed the pressure plate,and saw that the pads were noticably worn.
    I purchased two sets of pads from bie-berry,and am awaiting the shipment.
    Iwas wondering if I need to remove the lutch completely<and how the old pads are removed,and the new ones installed.

  2. Cavi Mike

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    For the china engine?
  3. jeffrey kleinknecht

    jeffrey kleinknecht New Member

    Yes,sorry I didn't mention that.
  4. motorpsycho

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    It's pretty simple to do.
    remove the right side cover on the engine.
    you will see the clutch and pressure plate(twords the rear of the engine) and the idler gear (towards the front of the engine).
    remove the set screw in the center of the pressure plate that secures the flower nut that's in the center.
    now, remove the flowernut by turning it counter clockwise.
    try to count the number of turns it takes to remove it because you will want to tighten it back up the same number of turns (or close) when you put it back together.
    after you get the flower nut off, the pressure plate will slide off.
    under the pressure plate, you will see the clutch pads.
    just pull them out of their holes, and install the new ones.
    now put the pressure plate back on, screw the flower nut back on approx. the same amount of turns that it took to remove it. put the set screw back in and you're done.
    you will have to take it for a test ride to see if the adjustment is close or if it needs to be tweaked.
    you can make minor clutch adjustments at the clutch arm & cable on the left side, or you can screw the flower nut in or out(depending on if the clutch is slipping or not disengaging). if it;s slipping, tscrew the flower nut counter clockwise (tighten it) if the clutch won't disengage, screw the flower nut clockwise (loosen it). it usually only takes 1/4 of a turn to the flower nut to make a significant difference in the clutch.
    If you get the flower nut put back on close to where it originally was, you shoudl be fine and you may have to just make a minor adjustment at the clutch arm & cable to make up for the new, thicker clutch pads.
    also, when you take it apart, make sure that there's no oil or grease on the clutch, pressure plate or pads.
    sometimes if the inner crank seal is leaking, it will allow fuel and oil to leak out and get into the clutch, which will cause it to slip like crazy.
  5. Cavi Mike

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    The pads "just" pop out of the cage. I'd make sure the clutch doesn't need to be adjusted before you go replacing the pads. The clutch adjusts opposite the way a brake adjusts; Instead of unscrewing the barrel as the pads wear on a brake, you need to screw it in on the clutch. If you already set up the cable with the barrels screwed all the way in, you're going to need to move the ferrule instead.
  6. jeffrey kleinknecht

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    thanks for the info!!!

    Both of you have provided me with excellent info.
    I have everything disassembled,down to removing the pressure plate.
    It just seemed too easy that the pads would just pop out,so,before I went and did something that couldnt be un-done,I thought I would tap into the wisdom,and experience on this forum.
    As always,the mb family has beenof immesurable help.
    Someday,I hope to be able to provide such asistance to a new crop of newbies.