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    The last 36volt 800 watt kit I bought came without a charger...I bought one off Ebay....soon as I plugged it into the batteries it burnt up....this has happened twice with two different chargers..of the same brand and same vendor....I double checked with tester to be sure of positive & neg. and all was correct.....have no idea where to go from here.....think they were just bad from the vendor.....answers please...

  2. What batteries do you have? And what is the charger
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    I use 3-12volt , 22 amp batteries in series....lead acid.......charger is no brand Chinese...120v. input.....1.5 amp output........a similar charger came with the first kits I bought and they worked...
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    dodgy ebay charger ;)

    dont rely on chinese electronics!

    for 3 SLA batteries, you want about 42-43.2 v to charge, any higher will cook them.
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    Thats about what the charger was outputting....problem was that without plugging in charger to 120volts...just plugging in charger to the batteries destroyed the charger...who sells a good charger for my needs>>>????
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    that could be the issue. that you didnt apply power to the charger before attaching the batteries! a decent electrical engineer would make it failsafe for such cases, but chinese just worry about making lots and lots of things, safety/quality can be sorted out later, if at all!

    i just use plain old hard wired transformer based circuits.

    transformer, rectifier, fuse on either side(ie, a mains fuse and an output fuse), and a lightbulb to limit charging current. work perfectly fine on lead acid batteries. a reason i dont like lithium much...they tend to be hard to charge without fancy circuitry, and prone to exploding...
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    The original charger I used said to ALWAYS PLUG IN BATTERIES BEFORE CONNECTING 120 that wrong>>????Should I always plug into 120v first before pluging in the batteries
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    Sounds like power feeding back to charger maybe a charger circuit problem. You can try diods to stop the back feed.