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    It seems that Charley, of 2 1/2 Men, gets paid $8,000,000.00 an episode! The highest on TV. There isn't anyone in the world worth that much money! I don't know how long it takes to film one show but that is just ridiculous!


  2. 1983JZR3W

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    He probably needs that much to keep paying off wives and lawyers to stay out of jail.
  3. Fulltimer

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    Got that right!

  4. Zev0

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    BEEEEEEP!!! Get your facts straight before posting.

    "Charlie Sheen will not only be staying on for two more seasons of 'Two and a Half Men,' the actor is getting a huge pay raise to the tune of nearly $2 million per episode, according to reports.

    The deal, between Sheen's reps and Warner Bros. TV, was sealed Monday night and bumps his salary for the CBS comedy from $850,000 to between $1.8 - $1.9 million each episode, Variety is reporting.

    He was already the highest paid actor in primetime, but now he'll be getting about what Ray Romano received for the final season of 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' also a CBS show.

    Sheen confirmed he was returning to the hit show in an earlier statement.

    "To put a fitting end on the two-and-one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I'm looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights," he said.

    The actor had been hinting for months that he was going to leave the show, but the salary news hints heavily that he was just merely jockeying for a pay bump, despite his legal woes.

    Meanwhile, the TV star is still facing felony menacing and misdemeanor assault charges, after allegedly attacking his wife, Brooke Mueller, on Christmas. Sheen hopes to make a deal in court."

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    Thanks for all the info guys about Charlie and his show. I'm glad I heard it here or I probably wouldn't even know what was going on. You see, I've never even seen Charlie's show and have absolutely no plan to ever see Charlie's show.

    Had to be said.
  6. Turtle Tedd

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    Kerf..eating your own nasty cooking puttin you in a nasty mood??
  7. kerf

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    Cook'n ok, just never liked Charlie or his old man for that matter. Gee, I pay for sat and only watch two or three channels till football season. That don't sound very smart.
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    I am with you Kerf....but 2 1/2 men comes on another channel at 10:30. It is good to watch for me at that time.....sleep comes easy.
  9. Turtle Tedd

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    Kerf..know what you mean.. pay a lot for TV and not much on..good thing I got this laptop and a garage full of stuff to do......AC , Computer, and small TV in garage now..AC stays on a lot , and puter , not so much the TV
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    the last time I paid for TV was to get that digital converter box a couple years ago when they switched from analog to digital broadcast.... and I ain't getting a new TV until this one dies. it cost me $89 eight years ago... I ain't made of money!
  11. TREEWK

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    We Should Invest Our Funds Carefully.

    For Almost The Last 3 Yrs, I Have Spent Most Of My Money On Motor Bicycles And Related Things. The Rest I Wasted! The Way The Economy Is Going, I May Have To Eat Them! Lol Ron
  12. Turtle Tedd

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    Treewk...send some recipes
  13. TREEWK

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    My First Thought, Tenderize As Much As Possible. Lets Just Hope Things Don`t Get That Bad,
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    If things get to bad ..have plenty of kitty cats and nasty Florida salty ducks in my neighborhood,,need receipts for those or some good sauces
  15. Turtle Tedd

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    Think we got off topic here...Charly Sheen..oh well maybe he has got some good Bar B Q sauces on the market..I have run out of Newmans stuff
  16. Skyliner70cc

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    I find it hilarious that certain folks of a particular political pursuasion don't have a problem with Hollywood actors making more in a single hour episode of TV that I'll make in the next 40 years but have a problem with CEOs that actually work 60-80 hours a week running a company that employs thousands earning millions each year.
  17. Turtle Tedd

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    I am a Republican but if Hollywood wants to produce The Turtle Tedd Show...well I could use some extra income
  18. kerf

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    Nice save, lots of fancy foot work. I wonder If Charley Sheen could do that? As long as we actually mention his name, can we truly be off topic?
  19. GearNut

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    Perhaps we could.
    I always thought he would come up with his own hair care product or tire dressing/ car wax product line.
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    I have a 36 inch tv in my living room. No real idea why I moved it here. It was last plugged in and turned on in March of 2005 when I used it to watch an old movie on the VCR.

    TV programming is 99.999% trash in my estimation, and in the last 41 years I'd bet I haven't watched 40 hours of it, total. I quit watching when I was 13.