Cheap 13" wheel for push Trailers made for a sprocket

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by ZnsaneRyder, May 22, 2009.

  1. ZnsaneRyder

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  2. Rgvkid

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    That would be a great wheel if it retailed for $12 complete. The hub that i bought from MFG was $17 by itself. Thats the good thing about having the jackshaft is you can make the tires interchangeable.
  3. Gen3Benz

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    It says 2 in stock
    $12 dollars shipping for a total of $24
    I have much more cash invested into my wheel,hub, time....
    Good find Zyn
  4. macarollo

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    That is a great price. I spent ~ $40 on a hub+ 4"wheel, THEN I had to buy a tire!

    This has everything you need!
  5. s_beaudry

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    Nice find ZN, that is a heak of a price for the wheel!
  6. Rgvkid

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    I spent about $40 on my tire setup and its only a 10 inch. I've been on that site before but never looked up the tires. I think if you contact the company they are most likely out of that wheel setup. Thats probably why ZN said forget it. But its a good site to keep on the check list.
  7. s_beaudry

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