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    Here is my cheap and easy headlight idea. I went to Harbor Freight and purchased a 2 pack of 3-1/2" Nine LED Flashlights on sale for $2. I have found that ¾ emt electrical conduit holders just about fit around the body of the flashlight. Then I retrieved a piece of sturdy flat stock about 6" in length. Drill 2 holes in the flat stock. One small as the diameter of the holes in the emt holders and one hole as big as needed to mount on bike. I used the bolt on the stem of my handle bars. Then I placed the flat stock in a vice bent about a 45 degree angle on the end with the bigger hole in it. Then I twisted it so one end is horizontal and the other is vertical.(see pictures) Put the emt holders around each flashlight and secure to the small end of the flat stock. Bolt assembly to bike, adjust and go. They are not the brightest thing I have ever used but they help make me visible to others which plays a key role in not getting run over. Took about 15 minutes and works great.

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    A fine idea and a clean build. Extra points for avoidance of handlebar clutter :)
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    I kind of did the same thing. But i used the guts from a 3 LED flashlight, and put them into a retro styled bullet headlight case. I had to take the flashlight apart and pull out the little circuit board and the LEDS. I put the whole assembly inside of the bullet light using the chrome reflector that came in the bullet light. I put the LEDS in a triangle configuration right in the center of the chrome reflector that's inside the headlight. It's operated by 4 AA batteries with an on/off switch from an r/c car. and is VERY bright for only being 3 LEDS. the chrome reflector helps a ton, and the lens has diffusing lines it in, so it spreads the beams of light out quite a bit. I did the same thing for a tail light, but i only used 1 LED, and it's powered by 2 of those small watch size batteries and an on/of switch from an r/c car. The tail light is a retro styled bullet light (similar to the look of a '59 cadillac tail light).
    I picked up the headlight and the tail light brand new off e-bay for like $12.00 as a kit (the kit came with a wheel driven generator and single 3 watt bulbs for both lights.)
    I tried several times to hook these lights up with the 3 watt bulbs that they came with using the white wire from the motor. I had nothing but trouble. the engine would not run with the lights hooked up because they were stealing power away from the magneto and the cdi, resulting in no spark.
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    HI, I bought exactly what you made at Wal-Mart. It's a 9 LED flashlight with a clamping bracket. It has 3 different flashing functions and 1 constant. It also came with a LED taillight with the same function. It cost about 15.00.
    Great idea though, see ya, Fast Festus