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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by biketec, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. biketec

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    Hey guys dont reall know if this is the right place to put this I was thinkin maybe stolen bikes but if it needs movin the moderators know best... Anywhoo I was browsin today and came across this little device and for the price you really cant go wrong even if you use it as a paper weight LOL

  2. Email

    Email Member

    Nice find...

    ... and right price (I have a lot of bicycles, I'm a Vintage Schwinn Addict).
  3. spad4me

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    I buy a lot of junk and stuff from deal extreme.
    I once ordered so many neodymium super magnets at one time that they changed the shipping rules.
    That plane must have been severely affected by the combined magnetic field LOL.

    cree laser headlights
    speedometers (NOT on a happy time)
  4. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Holy smokes! Even with shipping, those LED bike lights are cheaper than Wally's. Most excellent. :D
  5. impression

    impression Member

    i wonder if free shipping will cover cost to Australia...
  6. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Never happen. When companies on the mainland US say
    "free shipping", I guarantee it covers only the lower 48. Never Alaska, Hawai'i or Int'l orders unless specified. I even asked one company why they couldn't freebie the shipping cost from their company to the West Coast and just charge me the balance from there to Hawai'i. Nope.:icon_cry: Of course, the order was for a big ticket item. Not some $5.00 Chinese made LED bike light. :grin5:
  7. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Yes their free shipping covers Australia.
  8. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Ooops. My bad for DX. :ack2: Guess I'd better go put an order together, then. :grin5:
  9. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Just ordered a bunch of ****, including that alarm! Thanks for giving us the heads up. I just wish i had it a few months ago.
  10. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Love to hear how the alarm works out. Looked at it but didn't buy one.

    Now the magnets I did buy. I wonder how many I need to set off a traffic signal plate. I suppose I could just go out and test until I have enough on the bike to make the light change.
  11. mabman

    mabman Member

    When you figure that out please let us know?
  12. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Taa Jeremy for the heads-up...i've ordered one.
    If it's not very good i can always use the supplied keyed switch as an anti-theft kill switch. :idea:
  13. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I'd buy it just for the switch too!
  14. biketec

    biketec Member

    What if and now this is a what if because I'm no electrician nor do I have the alarm yet, But what if you split the alarm and wired in the ignition to the key so when you turn the bike off the alarm goes on and when the bike is runnin its off? Just a crazy idea ..... like one of the reviews said it needs to be revised to have a remote on off now that would be cool!!!:tt1:
  15. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    That's a great find Biketec. thanks very much.
  16. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Got my alarm & it seems to work;reasonably.
    It's like me i guess,could be more sensative.
  17. biketec

    biketec Member

    Dang Lucky I haven't got mine yet must have gone the other way around the world LOL you should show us some pix of it installed.. Maybe a short vid?
  18. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I probably won't be using this alarm for it's intended purpose cos it's sensativity varies WIDELY,depending on how it's feeling at the time.
    What it would be perfect for(black box included) is a keyed kill/ignition switch to replace the On/Off switch of the Honda50 engine.That way with all the ugly wiring concealed(red switch possibly removed) it'll make a good anti-theft device......simply turn the key to the Alarm On position & remove the key when u leave your bike.
    WELL worth the money. :grin5:
  19. Born2BWild

    Born2BWild New Member

    I like the idea of a GPS tracker. Could be done with a cell phone and text messaging. Would require some special software, but that's all do-able these days, ain't it?

    When the item goes missing, you call and add $10 to the cellphone account, then text the phone - and it replies with it's location..!! Then you go from A to B - picking up Mr Smith and Wesson on the way.
  20. Flapdoodle

    Flapdoodle Member

    Mine finally arrived and I like it. It acts like it takes more than one bump to make it trigger like some car alarms. After a couple of initial thumps a very light tap with my fingernail makes it work. I do wish the screws for the bracket were included.