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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by jaguar, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Only has a range of a few feet.
    Good for your remote, keys or phone but just about worthless for a bicycle.
  3. jaguar

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    I think it works by GPS, not by a weak radio signal. If so then you can track anything around the world.
    Here's another article about it: article
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    I wonder what the battery life is.
    I will have to look for reviews. o_O

    I bet most people buy them to snoop on their spouse. :eek:
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    The device has a 100' range by Bluetooth.
    IF there is another user of the app within 100' of your stolen bicycle amd IF they have this feature turned on you will be notified. Good Luck on that.

    They hide the fact that bluetooth has a MAXIMUM range of 100' under ideal conditions.
    Good luck on getting another user within 100' of your stolen bicycle so it's pretty much worthless.

    That's a crappy SPONSORED article that doesn't explain the limitations because they get paid if you buy through the links.
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  6. jaguar

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    I think TrackR not as fully GPS as it looks to be on first sight.
    It does depend on others to help you find it, not quite what I was hoping for.
    There's a youtube video called TrackR Bravo as a Vehicle Tracker

    Zus tracker has the same limitations.

    Vectu is a true GPS tracker which will show within 2.5 meters where the lost vehicle is.
    video: Top GPS Tracker For Car
    But it may not be waterproof. Someone said its battery only lasts 9 days.
    Vectu site
    cost: $100 yearly fee: $36 (after first year)
    tracks on cell phone or web site.

    This one is $36

    This one is $88, waterproof, magnetic attach, motion sensor alarm
    5000mAh Big Battery GPS Tracker

    There's many on amazon.
    here's the questions I ask:
    Is it small? waterproof? what's its battery life before needing recharge? true GPS so you can track no matter how far away? have monthly or yearly fee? have motion sensor that alerts me? have a switch to activate or deactivate? (to only use up battery power when your bike is parked at a public location and you are walking away from it to go shopping or whatever) work in almost any country? (since I'm in South America)
  7. jaguar

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    also LBS (tracking via cell towers) are not as accurate as GPS but they can be hidden better. GPS trackers need to have no metal between them and the sky.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

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    There is NO GPS. So called Crowd GPS is bullshot hype.

    100% Bluetooth and has very bad reviews in Amazon plus the one year battery life is way less.
    Worthless junk so you are WRONG.

    The guy with the youtube video called TrackR Bravo as a Vehicle Tracker got zero hits on his car.
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  10. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Just because it's cheap how does that make it good?
    Doesn't look very good to me as a GPS for a motored bike.

    Coban GPS102 makes a good impression… but only before you buy it. When you look at its pictures in e-store, you expect to get a very small GPS locator that can be used almost for everything. But when you’ve got in your hands, you understand that it’s far from that. The overall appearance (cheap plastic, gaps between parts) make you a hint that it wont work too well. Your most concerns will be about battery life (on practice it’s about 4-5 hours only and you can’t charge the battery without using the charging pad), GPS sensitivity, and data logging – unless you buy an SD card. Yes, it’s cheap. But is it worth saving $20-30 instead of buying something better?
  11. jaguar

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    well it's easy to shoot stuff down, so instead why don't you point us to something you think is worth its price?
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    if there's enough of a market for GPS solutions under $100, it seems like it wouldn't be that hard to order fifty sets of cheap components off alibaba. com and corner the market. anybody want to look more into this or want to collaborate on something like that, especially if we're both in the US, feel free to message me. I don't have the time or confidence to do that as a solo project, but it's an interesting problem I'd enjoy working on
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    Ebay sells key fabs that you can hide on your bike somewhere that connect to phones and computers to track the key fab they have no internal battery so they last forever
  14. Nate888

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    yeah but they rely on Bluetooth enabled devices - running the specific tracking app for the fob - to be within about 15-25 meters

    GPS + GSM (cellular) functionality would be a helluva lot more robust solution
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    This doesn't say any thing about blue tooth.just gps. its only $20 free shipping

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    sweet, if these are cell & GPS based devices after all that's hella legit. I'm probably gonna end up getting one in that case
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    even cheaper is a bluetooth tileapp tracker. when out of range any of the 8 million tile user worldwide that come within range of your stolen bike (with tracker inside) will alert you moby to its location. just $25. see here theTileapp:
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    You didn't even read any of the posts in the thread saying how bad of an idea that is have you?

    8 million users worldwide... If every single user was situated in the United States that would divie out to just under a half square mile per person, your tracker needs to be within 25 feet of one of those people, if you look at the problem you'll see there's very little chance that a person with the app will come close enough to your bike, and even then it gives you a generalized idea where it is only for that moment it was in range, if it's on the move you're sol.

    You'd be better off with an old iPhone and the cheapest data only plan you can get for it and piggyback off apple's find my iphone app.

    Something I'm personally excited for is the new sherlock device that is a GPS tracker meant to be put in the bars, it will cost $141, comes from Europe, and to boot it comes with 2 years of service free!!!

    They start shipping in 2 months, I've been waiting more than a year for them to announce a release date, and so in 2 months I can drop my old clunky GPS setup and hook this up with an easy to use charger that drops my 12v battery to a 5v source that is turned on at night.

    Oh yeah, 2 week battery life per charge with normal usage, and can be turned on at any time with an app instead of remembering to throw a switch, the app also alerts you of a low battery in the tracker, too f***ing great!