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    I needed a new chain for my bike because after moving it from my Trek to my Kulana Moon Dog, the chain was too short. I went to lowes to see if they had a #415 chain, no luck finding a good one considering they were all like 24 bucks (but for 10 ft).

    They had a #41 chain which was only $9.99 for 10 ft. This chain is actually BETTER than my #415 because of the extra width. My engine is mounted at a bit of a abstract, and this chain is great because it allows for a little more flexibility. I can give a bit of a twist to the chain and because of the wider links, it stays ON the sprocket, also its too big to fit between the wheel and the sprocket, so no more jamming a screwdriver back there to free it for me (don't know if anyone else has had that problem while calibrating the idler). All in all, I'd suggest this chain because 10 ft of chain for 10 bucks is awesome to me, i got 5 master links with it and the total was like 14 bucks. The chain doesn't allow for you to break the links with a pin remover without destroying one link, which kind of sucks, but it might be my chain breaker.

    All in all, If your looking for a chain, you should check for one of these guys, they're very strong and sturdy.

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    I found a 20ft er at Northern Tool Supply for $10
    Works great on my OCC chopper.
    They actually have a lot of useful parts, like rear sprockets. They seem to sell them for go-karts

    just my $.02
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    When you guys say10 and 20ft chains how are you cutting them to fit?
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    I used a park tools chain breaker that had been modfied for wider chains. Basically I just took the parts that stick up and hold the chain. I'll post a pic tommorow. Working at a bike shop does help :). But I think any shop quality chain breaker could be turned into one
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    oh ok I need my chain extended and was trying to figure out how to do it without paying someone but I guess I can just take it to my local shop