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  1. racerguy

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    Just thought I would throw it out there. I am a custom painter/airbrusher if any members need paint work like a tank painted let me know and I can do it on my down time.I would just ask you to cover my material cost and the shipping. Im in MI

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  2. motorpsycho

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    there's no such thing as CHEAP custom professional paint work. Any painter who is good, will charge appropriatley for the work they lay down.
    so you're offering paint jobs like you pictured for simply the cost of the materials?
    assuming that all of the pictures you posted are YOUR're nuts for offering up your skills basically for free.
    but i guess if you're trying to get your work out there, there's no better way than to do it for free.
  3. racerguy

    racerguy New Member

    Thanks for your opinion but I guess you don't know every good painter in the world! If your implying its not my work I can post about 200 more paint jobs I have done so I guess I'm not trying to get work out there! So I guess the only thing that makes me nuts is thinking I could be nice and help out others that are also members here so we can all be a part of something, without people accusing me of being a fraud or crazy. Sorry I offered something of value instead of just my opinion oh and thanks for the compliment oh yea not even that.
  4. motorpsycho

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    please don't take that last reply the wrong way.
    what i meant was that every painter that i know, woudl never do any work for free.
    i wasn't implying that it wasn't your work, i'm just saying that you do good work, and to give it away for free is kind of unusual.
    I know it sounded like i was saying that it wasn't your work, but that's not what i meant.
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    racerguy, send me your address. I will donate 2 brand new 2 liter HT gas tanks to you so you can paint/resell them for little extra money. I think your offer is very nice.