Cheap Electric motor conversion



I am looking to use this bike as a commuter around Philly, and subtlety is key, so I don't have to register a title, get insurance, bother with noise, pissy cops, or deal with exhaust. I am planning on putting this on a 26" beach cruiser that I am fixing up with custom bars and saddle, etc... Can anyone list any cheap motor sites (looking for an entire kit, motor, wheel, battery etc...)


8) log onto "CRAIGLIST". i found a complete kit w/battery pack for $175. good price, but i didn't need it. because of such low demand here for any type of motorized bikes, it's a buyer's market for resale engine/motor kits.
also, it depends if you're looking for 15mph/10-mile range, or 25mph/50-mile range.
speed cost money.
BTW, i built a 25mph/50-mile cruiser. zero vibration, almost as quiet as a regular bike. i gave up on it because the bike weighed 135 pounds, batteries need charging daily, and i live in a 2-story walkup.
i also installed a 35cc engine friction drive kit on my folding bike. now my bike doesn't fold, but it gets 100+mpg on gas. at 40 pounds, i can easily carry it up to my apartment. however, i was totally surprised at the engine vibration and noise, after riding my electric bike. i have less than 10 miles on the gas engine, but i think my electric cruiser was faster and accelerated quicker.


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Dec 15, 2006
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no doubt about it, engines vibrate and make a lot more noise than motors
azvinnie's mom's trike with the electric hub is too quiet for my liking, at that speed, I want them to at least know I'm there
my 70 with the shortened baffle mod to the exhaust is pretty quiet,but it makes enough noise that they are aware I'm around

I have heard the same complaints about the Toyota Prius as well, it is too quiet and people step off the curb into them and stuff :eek:


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May 6, 2013
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I ran an RC motor on a belt drive and it was pretty quiet, not nearly as quiet a direct drive hub motor. I hear the geared hubs are louder, but visually they look more like a drum brake for a bicycle. That might matter to you.

Almost any kit you'll find won't have batteries, maybe lead-acid, but I've never considered that after my first bikes. Roll-your-own lipo is the most cost-effective, I've ordered my packs components from hobbyking, cheap, but I've heard build consistency is an issue, so test your packs before you build them up.

This guy is into building stealthy e-bikes, bet you could glean some info from there.