1. Harbor Freight tools will sell their 6-1/2HP horizontal shaft motor for $89.99 starting 10th,11th,12th, FWIW

  2. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    would it be hard to mount these engines? I am starting to look at my next build, the price seems great on these and I am wondering what would be involved with mounting one versus getting a honda or HS kit.
  3. tjs323626

    tjs323626 Member

    This 6.5 engine would not work on a standard bicycle frame. Think what would happen if your bike broke in two at 50 or 60MPH. A custom built heavy duty frame would be needed. This engine can be moded to produce 10 to 13HP and when mated with a torque converter can be used on motorcycles or high performance gocarts. A push trailer is a possibility, but may be over kill for a bicycle. Some have tried this and later converted to the 2.5 HF engine. Somewhere I have seen a specially built bike with pedals using the 6.5. The owner stated that it goes over 60MPH and is scary at that speed.

  4. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Thanks for the info Tom. I will probably heed your advice. I was not going at it for speed, and I agree....even over 30 seems scary to me. And by saying that it is apparent that I do not even need the HP of this engine.....but the price does make it attractive.
  5. tjs323626

    tjs323626 Member

    After saying all that above I want this engine. I'm not decided on what I'll put it on, maybe a heavy duty 3 wheeler or a gocart. I do have an old Kawasaki motorcycle waiting to be remotorized and a comet cvt.

  6. Whizzerd

    Whizzerd Member

    I bought one last spring for $120.00 and mounted on an old Craftsman garden tiller. One of the nicest small engines I've owned. Starts on 1 or 2 pulls everytime and runs very smooth. Great size for log splitters, generators, etc.. Heck, for that price, just good to have!