!!!!!!!! cheap frame jig!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by olddude, May 17, 2008.

  1. olddude

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    Heres my wooden frame jig made of mdo board thats the red ace being built and yes the rear stays are mb bike forks

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  2. eljefino

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    That roofline in the background is not a current production automobile. :lol:

    The bike that's coming out of there looks mean...
  3. olddude

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    1957 chevy

    roof line is my 1957 chevy 540'' big block muncie trans need i say more!!!!!!
  4. MasterLink

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    thats a great ideal what kinda of eng. is that ? the frame is tall looking do you need that bend in the top bar what style bike you goin for ..i have always wanted to rake the forks on a frame chopper style well thats what i seen in yer build looking good man
  5. olddude

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    red ace

    Look up red ace in pictures you will find the finished bike
    motor is 8 horse tecumsey built like 1916 indian board track bike