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    If there's pain at the pump in the U.S., Mexico may just have a remedy. A gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in San Diego retails for an average price of $4.61 a gallon. A few miles south, in Tijuana, it's about $2.54 - even less if you pay in pesos.

    More and more people appear to be taking advantage of the lower price.

    "I used to buy exclusively in the U.S. before gas started really going up," said Patrick Garcia, a drama teacher at an elementary school in San Diego who lives in Tijuana. "Since then, I've been buying all my gas in Tijuana."

    The lower prices mean a U.S. motorist could save almost $54 filling up a two-year-old Ford F150 pickup with a 26-gallon fuel tank in Mexico.

    The differential in diesel is even greater, selling at $5.04 a gallon in San Diego County and $2.20 in Tijuana.

    Paul Covarrubias, 26, who lives in Chula Vista and works in construction in San Diego, crosses the border each week just to refuel his dual-cab Ford F-250 pickup.

    "I fill it up with diesel in Tijuana for $60," he said. "It would be almost twice that in San Diego."

    Gas is cheaper in Mexico because of a government subsidy intended to keep inflationary forces in check.

    Still, international gas-buying trips don't make sense for everyone. The wait getting back into the U.S. at the border in Tijuana frequently takes longer than two hours and cars can burn about a gallon of gas for each hour they idle.

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  2. That's actually pretty funny. People are leaving there for better jobs here and people here are going there for cheaper stuff overall.
    That country is like a huge Wal Mart.
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    What's funny is the mexican govt runs the gas stations and actually operate a station in TJ... though the locals there need gas.... they could just make it illegal to pump gas into vehicles with foreign license plates... but of course there are probably ways around that.
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    Wow I wish a trip across the boarder to Canada would yield similar results. I'd just prep a bunch of jerry cans with fuel stabilizer and get a years worth of motorbike and motorcycle fuel in one trip :)
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    Now why would they do that? You don't think they want our money? If that's the case, you're sadly mistaken.
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    If they subsidize gas they're losing money for every gallon they sell.

    The fault with banning sale to foreign vehicles is the local attendant probably won't care, particularly if you tip him.
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    PEMEX lives.

    They will not ban foriegn customers. Tourism is huge in mexico and that highway going south has HUGE tolls. They are doing ok on it.
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    On the northern border, all that gasoline comes from the US. PMEX is a big buyer of refined product in the SW united states.Western Refining, Holly Refining and the mighty KinderMorgan at Tucson, Phoenix and Indio. The refinerys in south LA pump chingles to San Deago then actoss to TJ. Mexico has oil, but not in the north and no refinerys in the north.